Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joe Torre 's Book....

Look, Torre's book hasn't even been released and every blogger and media outlet has some sort of scathing opinion of what he thinks of A-Rod. I haven't read it and I'm positive that 99% of the blowhards shouting down to Torre, Cashman, Steinbrenner and A-Fraud and his insecurites have not read it either.
The thing is that it looks like gossip. Nobody likes everybody they work with. Usually, at some point everyone know's who doesn't like them and we just learn to live with it. The big difference between this and us is that when you make $25MM a year, the people who talk to you about it are in the media. Deal with it. People have a pathetic need for drama. When you're dating pop stars and underwear models and having a cat-fight in the locker room it 's going to get out there. They have to fill up the air time. There's nothing really going on in baseball right now so they have to write about something.
There's a very good chance that when we all read it we'll go, "that's it? That's what all the hub-ub was about?" But I'm positive that won't be put out there. I know that I won't waste anytime on it because I won't care. And neither will anyone else.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Opening Day

No, it's not opening day yet. Just for me. I've moved over my blog to Blogger...I'd only put a few posts up so no one should have a cow. The Dodgers, and pretty much all other teams, start Spring Training in 17 days and there's still no visible sign that Manny Ramirez will be a Dodger. It looks like the two sides are playing chicken and each is waiting for the other to blink. For the sake of the season, I hope they both swallow a little crow and get this over with.

Past Posts Imported

January 16, 2009

Big News! No News.

The fact that the biggest thing to be posted on the Official Dodger website is the addition of Guillermo Mota speaks volumes to what is going on at Chavez Ravine. I’m hoping this means that Colletti and McCourt are gearing up to see who will be available for trades after the arbitration deadline but I’m not holding my breath. Get off the schnide guys! Make people want to get excited. Christ, make us think you’re not a bunch of do-nothing idiots.

January 13, 2009

Fog in the Ravine

I don’t know what Colletti’s plan is. Must be top secret ’cause he’s doing a great job keeping everyone guessing. What does he know that the rest of us don’t? How do you not make a play for Lowe? He eats up innings! How do you not make Saito an offer…don’t give me the dog ate your homework answer, “he said he wouldn’t sign without telling us” And what are they doing about Manny? So far we got 3 starters and no real closer, no fear in the lineup and other than Furcal and Martin, an average infield. If his plan is to play to his opponents in the West, he’s executing it with precision. They should call Petite and Pedro. Petite for up to two years and Pedro for one. PR-wise it would be great! These are all off the cuff but they seem lost down there at the Ravine. It appears they’re just waiting for players to get desperate and they’ll swoop in and scrape up what left on the bottom for even cheaper prices. If anyone out there can point out to me what or where the plan is. Heck, maybe Alyssa Milano is sitting in on the meetings. She probably was at the McCourt’s house warming party in Malibu.

January 8, 2009

Trevor to Brewers

I’m fine with that. Now Colletti can concentrate on real solutions. Hopefully

January 7, 2009

Trevor or Saito?

News out today has the Dodgers taking a hard look at Trevor Hoffman. The Dodgers do need a closer but I think they are getting desperate. While Trevor was once one of the best around, his change-up has become less effective. During the 90’s his change-up was devasting. Today the difference between it and his fastball is minimal. One only needs to look at the stretch run of ‘07 to see that he’s not what he once was. I know he still has that icy make-up of a closer but the fastball has fallen off so much that it’s barely in the mid-80s any more. He used to have a 12 to 15 mph difference between his fastball and change but now the hitters are only seeing about half that.

Assuming Saito has healed from last years injury to his elbow, I would take the chance on him. He’s a better “pitcher” where Trevor has been more of a thrower…who can’t fool too many anymore. While it’s just anectdotal, Trevor has just blown too many important games for the Padres the last couple of years. If Colletti can get Saito for two years, I think that would be a good deal for both sides. At 38 and with his history, Saito should be happy with that.

January 6, 2009

Hello world!

There’s a lot of confusion to why Manny is not a Dodger. I’ll be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know if Coletti/McCourt are gun-shy after the Andruw Jones fiasco or if there’s some secret plan that is being carefully crafted in a backroom somewhere. Either way, if he end’s up, heavan forbid, an Angel or somewhere else the Dodger’s will have pulled a Bush and squandered all the goodwill built up over the last two and a half months of the 2008 season. They’ve got a good young core group of players but so do the A’s and the Marlins. We don’t have a CC or big time pitcher and we’re not in Fenway chipping it over the Green Monster. The Dodger’s were relevant in this town for the first time since the Piazza/Nomo days and if they don’t sign Manny they will go back to being a nice, average team that, in the NL West, should win 80-some games and compete for the flag and be swept in the first round. It doesn’t seem like a good way to run a team. If McCourt has enough money to put a Nordstrom and a Hyatt in the back of the parking lot, he should be able to sign a guy to hit .300 and hit 30 homers.