Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A-Rod. My two cents

Like a lot of people, I was surprised...but not shocked. I guess we've become somewhat jaded about the use of steroids in baseball. I'm a bit torn. On the one hand, I liked seeing home runs. On the other, as a father of a son, I don't want my son to feel pressure to perform if he's talented enough to play at a high level and feel it's OK or it's needed to compete.
That said, I'm tired and I don't care anymore, really. I'm going to look at the Steroid Era for what it is. I'll put an asterisk by it in my mind and just assume that if someone played at that time, there's a good chance he was juiced. Maybe he was. Maybe not. But I, like a lot of folks, are just going to think there was a good chance he was and leave it at that. Come on, Brady Anderson, Eric Gagne. Not to mention the big names we already know. I hope going forward we don't hear much more about it but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Come on, guys! What are we doing here

I've been holding back a bit lately. How much can I rant on the same thing. Bowa, Torre and all the players on the Dodgers say they want Manny back while diplomatically saying that they'll be fine without him. Come on. Yes, in the West we have a decent shot at making the playoffs without him but if you want to do some damage, you need him. If just making the playoffs is satisfying enough, stand pat. I know all the talk about not negotiating against themselves and all but let's face it. They need to get it done. Boras also needs to take a reality pill and realize that this isn't two years ago. both sides need each other. The Dodgers need to realize that when it costs over $100 to take a family of 4 to a game in average seats, Joe Sixpack is only going to go to one or two games with Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu. With Manny, he may double or triple that. LA loves the Dodgers, no matter who owns them. We're frustrated with them because we've won one more title than the Padres and Giants in the last twenty years. Christ, the Donnie Moore Angels have won a title and are perinial contenders every year for nearly the past decade. It's been painful. Everybody knows about how bad the front office has been. We can rattle off the names, Offerman, Pedro, Delino, Dreifort, Brown, Schmidt, Jones, Pierre, Piazza, Sheffield and on and on. The have a chance to do something right. It won't right all the wrongs of the past 15 to 20 years but it will point the ship in the right direction. Manny's got to give a little too but the Dodgers need to make this happen. The bottum line is that he made the them relevant. He made people stop and watch. Heck, I bought a full price shirt for my son and from the looks of Dodger stadium in October, so did a lot of other folks.