Monday, March 2, 2009

Frank McCourt and Ned Colleti need to wake up

What did they think would happen?
A couple of things. Number 1-Scott Boras got Manny to get out of Boston because he promised him that he could make more than the two years and $40MM he would make if he behaved himself. Number 2-Yes, the Dodgers offered $45MM for two years but not really. The way it was structured with so much deferred, it not really $45MM over two years...the Dodgers would be getting a free loan from Manny, no interest included.
Realistically, what needs to happen is that both sides need set their ego's aside and get to where they both know they are going to be...2 years and $45MM. Listening to McCourt this weekend it was like the nerd with the toys who didn't get his way so was going to collect his stuff and going home.
Get over it.
This is business and do you really think that Boras would have Manny take less than he would have got if he stayed in Boston. He's got an ego too. McCourt has the money to buy two homes in Malibu (why? I don't know...don't care either) so it's hard to justify the fact that he needs to defer money. Boras already did you a favor by deferring Andruw Jones' money. (Coletti made a bad decision, that's not Manny's fault.) I believe this will get done when cooler heads surface but everybody needs to step back and get over what's gone on so far and understand that they need each other. Get Manny in to spring training. Not so much for him but for the rest of team.

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