Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pitching, pitching, pitching...

So what's next/ The Dodgers are picking up spare parts here and there to fill the roster but nothing is happening that will move the needle.
Down the 5 in Anaheim, the Angels have had a fairly uneventful winter; which is just how the Dodgers want it. They don't want to feel pressured in to making a signing to take the headlines away from the Angels.
As I see it, the Dodgers still need a starting arm. Pedro is still out there. Granted, he's not the same guy he was 15 years ago but his performance against the Dodgers in the playoffs showed he still has something in the tank. I don't know if he can last a full season, but the last time that was said in Los Angeles, we ended up with Delino DeShields. He's probably good for 10 to 12 wins but more importantly, he will be a good teammate to Kershaw and Billingsley. The need some veteran leadership they can converse with. (No offense, Hiroki.) Kershaw seems to have it in him, but doesn't know how to draw on it when he needs to.The fire appears to be there but controlling it may be a problem. For Billingsely, I've got mixed feelings. At times, he's got great stuff. Mows 'em down. Other times, he's like a lost puppy looking for someone to take him home and tuck him in. Pedro would be a especially good for him. Teach him to fight through, not get to flustered or upset when things go wrong. In short, get a little more ego. He needs to believe he's as good as he is.
Pedro's not the only one who help with this but he would be my choice. There's a lot of guys out there but nobody that leaps out. Pedro would also be a good marketing campaign. Regardless, Colletti and McCourt should think about it. They still need more pitching. (Doesn't everyone?) The choices are limited but not dire. Ned's done a good job for the most part by being patient. Maybe he can work a trade for a respectable 2 or 3.

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