Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ScottPod and what's next

It was a nice move to pick up ScottPod's option. Will he accept it? Don't know if I would if I were him. If he accepts, the Dodgers need to look at where they'll go to get a bat and where they're put it. The most likely is either of the corners of the infield.
At first there are a few choices worth looking at. Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, and Derek Lee are probably the best fits for the Dodgers. They're established veterans with little baggage. You know what you get with each so whatever they get paid there will be no excuses.
With Adam Dunn, you get a BIG bat with a lot of strikeouts. and a negotiable price. Lee is probably about the same but about half as many HRs. Knoerko is the jewel of the class. he has it all. Average, power and good defense. With a Konerko or Dunn, you could trade Loney for an arm or two and be able to keep Blake. 
The pickings aren't so good for third base. Adrian Beltre is probably the best of the bunch but will probably be too expensive but the Dodgers won't get as much for Blake as they would Loney. So, I'd go for a first baseman.
We'll have to see. Konerko will surely want big jing but he would probably be worth it. Him with Ethier and Kemp will put good, articulate marketing tools for the season ticket campaign. Hey, former Dodger comes home. Anybody remember Jeff Shaw?

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