Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey Ned, what's happening? Absolutely nothing!

Last day of the year and where are the Dodgers. They picked up nine nobody's and Jamey Carroll. Not exactly an excitement generator. Not even in Cleveland. We already have Blake DeWitt. What's the upgrade? 
Be prepared Dodger fan to sit around and watch the world go by as far as improving the team. I wonder what Joe Torre is saying to himself as all of nothing is going on. He's got to be rolling his eye's and looking at Joe Girardi and thinking that could have been me. That could be me for then next three years. He probably won't say anything. Not in his nature. He never gets truly upset in a game. Why should he now? 
Next week I'll post my predictions for the year. Some should be easier than others. Some I hope I'm wrong about.

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